This course, offered by the British Academy for Training and Development, aims to build confidence in capabilities of commercial writing and correspondence, and overcoming written mistakes. In addition to writing clear documents that should be self-explanatory to readers. The course is provided by highly qualified business writing instructors, subscribers will be able to receive personal attention directly, as well as receive feedback for 15 career assignments.

Each writing style reveals both the writer's personality and his opinion, but also shows how the author or writer perceives his/ her audience, and chooses the concept of writing style which in turn reveals these options that can change the conceptual world writer's general nature of work. This can be done by a simple change of words; Grammatical analysis, text analysis, methodization, and organization of a number of ideas in usable frames.

Successful commercial writing will master a number of important principles that could be mastered in dealing with various types of writing that are presented to the trainee, showing each trainee how to influence his/ her readers, how to convey the good news and the unfortunate news, how to use clear and concise language In the expression.

Marketing is a set of business processes that include the distribution and sale of services and products, and is defined as a means of regulating the sale of goods by managing the rates and means of advertising and effective communication with potential or current clients. Other definitions of marketing are activities that make people aware of a company's products, and to make sure that these products are available and could be easily and smoothly purchased.

Social media and marketing: Group of online websites which are direct means of marketing which are associated with potential customers, by working on communication of company's information and products within the most effective social networks.

Marketing Objectives

Marketing seeks to achieve many goals, including:

  • Applying marketing activities that include development of public relations, promoting sales, and product distribution.
  • Enhance communication with consumers and provide added value.
  • Promote participation and cooperation between successful companies in the society.
  • Spending funds on advertising, and provide products that contribute to the individuals' needs.

Objectives and target group

Business Writing Tools is an intensive seven-unit course suited to busy employees who write in the workplace, targeting the staff from the supervisor to the business.

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Managers of companies and enterprises.
  • Personnel in charge of Law Departments in business and commercial firms.
  • Businessmen wishing to develop their legal skills.
  • Employees in the field of legal Management.
  • Students and graduates of faculties of law at various universities.
  • Trainee lawyers.

How will participants benefit from the course?

  • How to plan your business documents
  • How to make your writing and content true and close to readers, so make sure that you present your ideas in a logical and coherent way
  • How to target your readers.
  • How to create a good impression by constructing words and vocabulary.
  • How to avoid common grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes.
  • How to master the right business writing method

Course Content

  • Preparing and planning a note.
  • Resend emails
  • Write an announcement for a job opening.
  • Replace and brief "long contents"
  • Write paragraphs in the business letter
  • Preparation of brochures
  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Grammtic Exercises
  • Punctuation Exercises
  • Language proofreading Exercises
  • Working with the known and unknown analysis methods.
  • Rewrite a business letter.

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£2900 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2320 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£1885 / Member

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