Skills of The Creative Leader Who Can Formulate Excellence Strategies


The British Academy for Training and Development, with its branches in London and around the world, provides this distinctive training program by a group of experts and consultants around the world.

This course is coordinated by the Middle East section of the Academy in cooperation with some of the partner colleges and institutes.

There is no doubt that the ultimate goal of all organizations is to provide the ability to meet the requirements of stability, and to support their competitiveness, so that they can ultimately achieve of their plans and success in achieving their goals efficiently and accurately.

However, the level of Arab organizations at the present time didn't reach the desired situation as creative and strategic thinking, and even innovative is the most important tool to determine the status of the organization or institution, and even make them able to face the changes and changes in the world going on.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • This course is aimed at both the managers of organizations and institutions, and the managers, leaders or supervisors in the institution, and even heads of departments or entities not only that, but it is also directed to every ambitious person seeking to raise his career to the summit.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Provide the student with the skills of administrative excellence, which enables him to perform the work assigned to him efficiently and accurately.
  • Participate with the student in shaping the future of the institution or organization in which he operates.
  • Support the student's ability to develop the skill of creative thinking and make it innovative in his work and not being traditional.
  • The ability to develop strategic plans and programs by the student, and even supervise the implementation of them efficiently.
  • Ability to make a strategic decision in an innovative way.
  • Eliminate the problems that hinder the student's ability to create and think strategically.
  • Making the student able to overcome the challenges of modern times.

Course Content

This course is divided into five training chapters:

Chapter I: Basics of creative thinking and the ability to develop effective strategies for the problems of the age.

This chapter is divided into several parts:

  • Rules for studying and analyzing the variables of the age.
  • How to achieve excellence and the ability to think creatively from a scientific and practical perspective.
  • Conditions for achieving excellence and the ability to think creatively.
  • Practical case study.

Chapter II: Reaching scientific solutions to problems in a creative way using strategic thinking methods.

This chapter is divided into several parts:

  • The need for creative thinking and thinking according to the scientific method.
  • The difference between innovative and logical thinking.
  • Brain functions in the left and right parts.
  • The principles that a successful manager should follow to diagnose the problem and to reach a creative solution that will be of great benefit to the organization he manages.
  • Study of three practical cases.

The third chapter of the training course:

 The basics of creative thinking to overcome the problems of work and to develop it, with the ability to make accurate decisions that promote the institution.

  • Basics of developing creative thinking abilities.
  • How to innovate in your work to achieve success for you and your organization?
  • How to be a successful manager that supports creativity within the organization and encourages it?
  • Practical case study.

Chapter Four: The most important basics for achieving excellence and creativity is strategic thinking.

This chapter is divided into:

  • Maintaining strategic thinking.
  • Conditions for the continuation of strategic thinking.
  • The most important terms of strategic thinking.
  • General rules governing the process of strategic thinking.
  • Practical case study.

Chapter Five: Strategic Development Lab.

This chapter is divided into:

  • Constraints of strategic and creative thinking.
  • The most important words in innovation and creativity.
  • Brainstorming methods.
  • Innovative solutions to business problems.
  • Practical case study.

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Course Cost

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£2320 / Member

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£1885 / Member

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