The developments, which have taken place in the global economy because of the globalization phenomenon, led to the occurrence of some operational risks in the banks, and the banking transactions management. And general speaking, the operational risks reflect the failure of the internal transactions in the bank whether regarding the systems and external incidents or the internal human elements. Accordingly, it will lead to significant risks for the bank. Therefore, the banks should adopt methods in which they develop their banking control and their methods of management for these operational risks.

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What are the most significant operational risks?
Human elements:
Where, the staff sometimes may cause an error intentionally or unintentionally, such as matters related to fraud, manipulation, or property theft. Whereas, they often may commit fraudulent operations and may circumvent the laws, that are contrary to the bank culture. In addition, this may be committed by the bank officers themselves in the case when they draft false reports on the bank condition or manipulate intentionally with the customer data. And it may go further to the authorization operations and accomplishing activities that are unauthorized to them, and other operations that fall under the operational risks concerning the human element.

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Mechanical systems of the bank:
They are also among the operational risks to the banks. Where, the bank might be exposed to losses resulting from the failure of its affiliated systems owing either to the unavailability of the systems properly or systematical malfunctioning due to the lack of experience in the information technology. It may also occur in the case of fully breakdown of computer systems, or relative errors due to some problems with the software or the frequent breakdowns due to negligence or lack of experience in dealing with them in the first place.    

Operational risks related to the outside:
They are the risks that result from a third party. For example, fraudulent transactions to which some banks are exposed, or due to losses in the bank resulting from drafting new laws. It may also happen due to piracy that helps to steal the customers' accounts or credit card fraud. Furthermore, the natural disasters fall under the outside operational risks.

Hence, in order to avoid the possibility of operational risks occurrence, the bank management should resort to cover-ups for such risks such as giving guarantees and insurances in order to increase its credibility. So, it can control further the risks either they are the aforementioned operational risks or other risks to which any bank may be exposed.

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