Risk management in projects ... its Objectives, methods and assessment


Probability Definitions:

In general, risk is high when the probability of occurrence is more than 70% and is moderate when the probability is 30-70% or the risk is low when less than 30%.

Impact Definitions:

If the risk is assessed on the impact, this will depend on its impact on the budget or time required to execute the project, then the risk or loss ratio can be determined.

Objectives and target group

Objectives and target group

Risks are things that are likely to occur in the future and have a significant impact on the project or the company as a whole. Project risk management is the process the company takes to identify and analyze these risks, as well as track them for full reporting.

What are the main objectives of risk management in projects?

The overall objective of risk management in projects is to protect the company and its projects from the negative impact of risk. Risk management should monitor the project in order to identify the changing dimensions, as well as know the cost of this project in order to minimize risk and understanding when necessary. Focus on priority risks and communicate with stakeholders to identify potential risks, risk management in projects should not forget to keep risk records until be submitted when requested at any stage.

Course Content

How is risk assessment performed?

Project risk management works on risk assessment based on their time frame, probability of occurrence, implications for their access, and finally the expected reaction and activity, the risk ranges from 0 to 81 where the value 81 is the highest risk for a project. Overall, the degree is between 35-81 degrees high (red), 18-35 degrees medium (yellow), 0-18 degrees low (Green)

Response Activity Definitions:

The risk can be assessed as we have seen, depending on the response activity, ie, extending the success of the risk response activities at a specific time. If the response plan is effective and works to remove the risks, we say that it is an effective and effective plan. If there is a plan but it has not yet been taken, it is not a valid plan. If there is no plan, this means that the response has not shown any progress.

Insurance and risk management in projects within a long series of courses under the title: Project Management and Strategic Planning.

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