Course of Accounting for inventory issues, its adjustments and preparation of financial statements


This course introduces all accounting and financial matters from income, expenses, debts, loans and costs. This course introduces the terms of accounting. This course offered to employees in accounting and financial affairs.

Objectives and target group

Purpose of this course:

  • Introducing trainees to the basic terms of accounting and information flow of accounting through good systems and in accordance with international standards.
  • Provide the trainee with the methods of registering and migrating accounting entries.
  • Acquire the skills to implement the performance of the financial time.
  • Acquire the skills to close and create accounts for the end and create budgets in accordance with the international standards.
  • Understand financial information and the importance and usefulness of each financial statement.

Course Content

The main axes of the course:

The first axis:

Rules governing accounting:

  • Key terms and principles of accounting.
  • Principles and sections of accounting functions.
  • Assets, expenses, profits, and other key terms of accounting.
  • Financial information, its importance and use.
  • The difference between cash accounting and accrual accounting.

The second axis:

Accounting systems and their components:

  • Accounting data systems, its definition and purposes.
  • Documents and records.
  • Accounting and financial guidelines.
  • Various accounting methods.

The third axis:

Accounting program:

  • Accounting program sections.
  • Evaluation of financial transactions.
  • Budget theory.
  • Prepare daily records to register financial transactions.
  • Prepare a record for the division of financial transactions.
  • Prepare a balance sheet for audit summarizing financial transactions.

The fourth axis:

Preparation of accounting adjustment:

  • Settlement of accounts.
  • Settlement of income and expenses.
  • Settlement of receivables.
  • Identify introductions.
  • Setting balances for review after adjustments.
  • Practical applications.

The fifth axis:

Termination of accounts and preparation of financial statements:

  • Create entries for adjustments.
  • Termination and review of accounts.
  • Create financial statements from the adjusted balance sheet.

The sixth axis:

Create adjustments for financial transactions:

  • Create adjustments to salaries and wages.
  • Create adjustments to the secretariats and the Covenant.
  • Create adjustments to advances, expenses, income and debts.
  • Various applications.

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