Course in methods of transition from monetary systems to entitlement systems based on computer


The study of this course is helpful in determining the costs of the governmental institutions, their market values and studying the theories explaining these costs. These courses include theoretical and practical lessons.

Purpose of this course:

Transition from modified monetary systems to entitlement systems.

Identify the advantages of accounting based on the entitlement systems.

Objectives and target group

To whom this course:

This course offered to managers of governmental institutions and those people interested in prices and costs.

Financial Statements within Governmental Institutions:

  • Income list.
  • Statement of financial position.
  • Costs within governmental institutions.
  • Cost sharing between institutions.
  • Cost of transferring services between institutions.
  • Theories to be used for costs.

Training Methods:

Theoretical lessons.

Oral lessons.

Play with roles.

Various practical applications.

Course Content

Basic principles of accounting measurement:

  • Definition, advantages and risks of monetary bases.
  • Definition, advantages and risks of entitlement bases.
  • Definition, advantages and risks of modified monetary bases.
  • The entitlement bases applications within the governmental institutions.
  • Immediate applications, advantages and risks for the entitlement bases.
  • Gradual applications, advantages and disadvantages of the entitlement bases.
  • The proposed principle for application of the entitlement bases in the Gulf States.
  • Applying the bases of entitlement within governmental institutions and evaluating their fixed assets.
  • Monetary
  • Natural assets.
  • Intangible assets
  • The standard of change in prices and its application during the valuation of the fixed assets.
  • Historical cost method according to the changes in the price levels.
  • The current cost method within the market.

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