Course in Protection From The Natural Radiation During Oil Extraction and Refining


Course in protection from natural radiation during oil extraction and refining provides the trainees with latest means of protection and safety from the petrochemical radiation during oil extraction or refining.

The petrochemical radiation is the most dangerous and makes oil employees full of cautious and fear and be vulnerable to diseases, especially cancer, as a result the oil employees wear uniforms. Essential awareness and experience have a great role in treatment and protection from threat and work in a safe atmosphere.  

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers this course to the following categories:

  • Directors and owners.
  • Directors of departments.
  • Directors of the executive department in oil companies.
  • Directors of security and safe departments in petrochemical companies.
  • All workers in oil extraction and refining .
  • Students and academics intending to preparing reports of petrochemical radiation and protection means.

After completing the program, participants will be able to master the following topics:

  • Petrochemical business and its radioactive danger.
  • Petrochemical radiation risks on employees’ health.
  • Protection from exposure petrochemical radiation.
  • Procedures of global approaches’ ways of avoiding petrochemical radiation.

Course Content

  • Protection during oil extraction.
  • Expected risks and threats during petrochemical extraction and refining.
  • Latest security and safety methods for petrochemical employees.
  • Latest mechanisms and equipment used globally for protection from petrochemicals.

Course Date





Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
£3800 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2470 / Member

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